Kola Oyeneyin: Why I am raising funds for Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour’s LG election

by Kola Oyeneyin

My name is Kola Oyeneyin. I am a deep believer in a Nigeria that works, not only for a few but for all; across regions, ethnicity, towns and villages.

To achieve this, we must get a few things right! There are 774 Local Governments in Nigeria, whose chairmen are supposed to be responsible for providing Good Governance at the local level. The President of the Federation or even the Governor of a state, may never have the opportunity of a physical visit to all the local governments under them, but the Chairman of the LG is the Mayor, the CEO and The Custodian of Governance in that Local Government.

Sadly in Nigeria, we have left the local governments to be run by people some of us will never employ to run our businesses and we wonder why the roads on our streets have car-sinking-potholes and our primary school education system has become so obsolete.

These are a few of the constitutional responsibilities of the Local Government Chairmen of Nigeria.

Thus, I deeply believe that a new generation of young and vibrant leaders must emerge with the mandate of governing effectively at the local level, ignoring the temporary attraction of Abuja, for the long-term posterity of their local domain. This is why I and my friends are excited to support any genuine candidate with character, capacity and competence, who is going for a Local Government Chairmanship job across Nigeria in this July LG elections and going forward. This is why I personally support and endorse Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour as the Chairman of Ikeja Local Government under the Kowa Party.

Please join me as we support his campaign, with funds, mobilisation and participation. Please RSVP this fundraiser for Gbadebo, a young and capable technocrat, with a simple email to [email protected] or SMS to the number enlisted.

God bless you and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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