“Sadly, women are only placeholders in Nigerian politics” | Top 10 quotes from Party Politics 101

Party Politics 101 held July 8 and saw the attendance of three former political aspirants from the PDP and the APC and, issues accruing to party politics in Nigeria were somewhat discussed.

The speakers, Ayisha Osori, Akinyinka Akinnola and, Bobo Omotayo, moderated by Feyi Fawehinmi, agreed on a number of issues especially active participation of Nigerians in party politics, but differed on the involvement of women in Nigerian politics.

Below are the top ten quotes from the conversation that used the hashtag #NigeriaPost2019.

“Money is important, but not decisive in politics” – Bobo Omotayo 

“You need three people to run a successful campaign – a money manager, a politician and a ‘mad man’ – Akinyinka Akinnola

“Sadly, women who succeed in Nigerian politics are placeholders who represent other male political players.” – Ayisha Osori

“Religion seems to play a role in Nigerian party politics and it’s sickening” – Ayisha Osori

“There is value in joining parties and changing it from within, not giving the responsibility to INEC” – Ayisha Osori 

“You need to invest time in politics. You need to build trust.” – Bobo Omotayo 

“Forget what you hear. Politics is not all about money. Only a percentage of monies spent have an impact.” – Akinyinka Akinnola

“Reason godfathers are so powerful is because they fund the parties, we can stop them by funding the parties” – Ayisha Osori

“A system of recommendations, Antecedents should be employed in determining who should run, not education” – Akinyinka Akinnola 

“The delegate system is not the problem. The way we practice the delegate system in Nigeria is the problem.” – Ayisha Osori